Pentecost : Sunday 23rd May 2021

Welcome to worship this Pentecost Sunday.

Welcome to the members and friends of our three churches, Crane Moor, Green Moor and Christ Church.

Welcome to all you who have not been part of our physical congregation in the past, but have joined us virtually over recent months.

Together we are “The Church”.

Here are the items from this week’s mailing.

A big apology from me. Again I have mixed up the weeks. Diary has always been a struggle for me, and I’ve got the wrong birthdays again. This week it is Larissa Oakley, as I have said correctly in the actual service, but I have got it wrong in the letter. Sorry

This week’s service will be uploaded in time for the service on Sunday.

And here is the sermon in case it helps you to read a copy:

Best wishes


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