Some Sermons

Our minister, the Rev Ian Lucraft, says:  “I am sometimes asked for a copy of a sermon, so that the enquirer can share it with someone else, or read it through at another time.  I have been slightly reluctant to post them for several reasons.

Each sermon is different when it is delivered within an act of worship.  It is particular to that time and place.  It is often slightly amended in the act of delivery, so that a written text is rarely that which was spoken.

I am also nervous of the act of committing them to the web, as I do not want to be seen as promoting these sermons, or myself as their writer.

I am very conscious that every sermon owes a debt to other people whose written or spoken thoughts I have used either as a basis, or as part of that sermon.  Where that debt is significant, I have always tried to acknowledge it.

Though a minister might wish to imagine that their preaching is a continuous thread through the year or the lectionary, these sermons are only partially that, and when set out like this seem to be a somewhat random expression of our Christian life.  But these are not a teaching course in theology; they are snapshots in the journey of sharing the faith.

I am also deeply aware that my way of exploring the range of Christian thinking may not seem to everyone as reflecting the mainstream of Christian faith.  I promised myself on returning into circuit ministry that I would try and express my understanding of faith in the light of developments in biblical understanding and human knowledge and while not seeking to upset people, try to find a way of expressing our faith in contemporary language.

Finally, these are not accurate polished texts.  They contain typing errors, layout difficulties, incomplete references and sentences.  They are the ray material from which my words are spoken.

So with all these caveats, here are some of the sermons that I have preached at Christ Church.”



Remembrance and Reconciliation

But what does it mean

Darkness and Destiny

Chocolat as Divine Rescue

We are all fools here

Life in all its abundance

Called To Be Witnesses

Authority and power

Remembering and Forgetting

Why are we here

The Keys of the Kingdom

He comes to us as one unknown

Trinity Sunday The Spirit is moving

Evangelism, Mission, Discipleship and Service