We’ve got plans to improve the buildings so that we can serve the community better.

The first step is to replace the tired old church hall, which you can see on the right.

We are planning to have a modern hall, new kitchen and up-to-date toilets.  We hope to do this during 2013, and you can see the new hall on the right of the architect’s sketch, right.

Second we are going to install a lift to improve accessibility to all levels, and build a link between the church and the hall to enable the premises to be more flexibly used.  You can seen this new link in the same sketch right.

Later we hope to improve the main entrance to the buildings from the main road, to make them lighter and more welcoming.  You can see a preliminary sketch of this new entrance in the black and white sketch here.

We’ve already raised some money towards these improvements, and have started a development fund to raise enough to complete the work.

We are interested in hearing from any community groups that might want to locate their activities in these updated premises.

Please call the church secretary to discuss any ideas you have.

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