We had plans to improve the buildings so that we could serve the community better.

The first step was to replace the tired old church hall, which you can see on the right.

We planned to have a modern hall, new kitchen and up-to-date toilets.  We started the development during 2013, and you can see the new hall on the right of the architect’s sketch but you can also see it in person now and it appears in the photo on our home page

We installed a lift to improve accessibility to all levels, and built a link between the church and the hall to enable the premises to be more flexibly used.  You can seen this new link in the same sketch right and again on the photo at the bottom of this page.

We had hoped to improve the main entrance to the buildings from the main road, to make them lighter and more welcoming.  You can see a preliminary sketch of this new entrance in the black and white sketch here. But alas it fell at the planning permission hurdle. But all was not lost, as we have now refurbished the road-side porch, making it lighter and brighter and a more welcoming area with glass doors. This was possible due the kind donations of members of our church family donating in memory of former church members.


View of Church showing the ground floor lobby, linking the church to the Community Hall and Lower Ground floor lobby

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