Children in church

We’re passionate about enabling children to come with their parents, and to be welcome among us.

There is a space in the main church room so that parents can sit with babies and young children and play with toys and games, children’s books and draw with paper, felt-tips, crayons, glitter and everything, while the service is on.

So you can stay in the service if you want.  We won’t moan, or raise our eyebrows if the children make a noise!

And if they are over 3 or so, you might want to go with them into Junior Church, or if they are a little older, encourage them to enjoy Junior Church with the other children, and let you stay in the service.  If they want to return to you at any time, we will always help them to do that, even while the service is progressing.

Our children and Young people participate in a wide range of church activities. In the last 12 months they have been helpin out with the new landscaping of the north side of the church grounds.

Our young people helping to build raised beds for growing flowers and vegetables

The planting starts

Watering in the new plants

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