Christ Church Lunch Club

lunch club people

The Lunch Club is now up and running and already has nearly 50 people on its membership.

(The photo on the right is just a stock photo, but the members look just as happy as these people!)

They enjoy a welcoming cup of tea, a two course meal cooked on the premises, activities and crafts and a lot of conversation.

The Club is supported by Methodist Homes for the Aged, who also give us a grant towards the cost of employing Wendy Law as our part-time Lunch Club Co-ordinator.

If you think you, or someone in your family, or a neighbour, would enjoy and benefit from coming out on Thursdays for lunch at the club, please contact Jenny Clarke, who is looking after requests to come to the club.  She can be phoned on 0114 288 3674.

You can also contact Wendy directly on : 0739 926 8622.

Here is a leaflet with all the details about the Lunch Club if you are interested for yourself or someone else:New Member Invite v2

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