Stocksbridge Food Bank


The Stocksbridge Food Bank operates out of the IKON centre in the middle of Stocksbridge, opposite the precinct.

It is NOT part of Christ Church Stocksbridge, though we provide many of the volunteers and our members donate a lot of stuff to the Food Bank.

To contact the Stocksbridge Food Bank

From Thursday 2nd June 2022 the new co-ordinator is Martin Price. 

The new phone number for the Food Bank, which Martin normally will hold, is 07912 609 791. 

The Food Bank is open on Thursday mornings at IKON from 10.00 to 1.00, and on Tuesdays from 10.00 – 12.00.  

Usually it is best to get a referral from one of the local organizations that refer to the Food Bank, such as schools, Housing Department,  Doctor’s surgeries, Citizens’ Advice Bureau, who will help you to access the Food Bank Service.


New Proposals for the Stocksbridge Food Bank.

In 2022,  new proposals have been developed for the future of the Food Bank.  This involves turning it into a wider service for the whole town, with an environmental focus, while still continuing the existing Food Bank service for people in need.

The proposals are being consulted at the moment, based on the paper called “Food Matters” which can be downloaded from this link:

The Food Bank in Stocksbridge is a part of our Christian witness and service to people in our town.

Over 6000 food parcels were provided in the first three years, as well as lots of other less tangible forms of support.

It is hosted at IKON church.  In fact it is a shared project by all the churches in the town, and many other groups as well.

Ray has done a very interesting presentation about its work, which explains a lot of misconceptions, and sets out what an enormous contribution it makes to the life of our town.

It’s well work a read.  Click below to open it in PowerPoint or .pdf;

.pdf:                Stocksbridge Foodbank Presentation

PowerPoint:  Stocksbridge Foodbank Presentation