Stocksbridge Food Bank

The Food Bank in Stocksbridge is a part of our Christian witness and service to people in our town who are struggling.

Over 6000 food parcels have been provided, as well as lots of other less tangible forms of support.

It is managed by two of our Christ Church members, Ray and Ronnie Hawley, and is supported by a loyal team of hard-working volunteers and generous donors.  It is hosted in rooms at The Hub.  In fact it is a shared project by all the churches in the town, and many other groups as well.

Ray has done a very interesting presentation about its work, which explains a lot of misconceptions, and sets out what an enormous contribution it makes to the life of our town.

It’s well work a read.  Click below to open it in PowerPoint or .pdf;

.pdf:                Stocksbridge Foodbank Presentation

PowerPoint:  Stocksbridge Foodbank Presentation