Your marriage

You can choose a wedding service that suits you best!

Christian marriage

This ceremony is a Christian marriage service, and so it includes prayers and readings from the bible.  We encourage you to choose your own readings and songs as well as using the legal words.

 Tailored Ceremony

A tailored ceremony includes the important words that the law requires; it can also include readings songs that you or your family can share. You might want to tailor the ceremony if you want to express more of your thoughts, or if one or both of  you do not want to use religious words, or make promises before God, or say prayers and bible readings.

 Personalized for you

Whichever ceremony you choose, you will be able to choose readings and songs that are important to you both.  You will be able to invite friends or family to share in your wedding ceremony by reading, speaking or singing or playing music; what makes it special for you.


We can provide a celebrant to conduct a Christian marriage or a tailored ceremony, or you may have someone you know who you wish to conduct the ceremony.

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