Our belief

We are a Christian church trying to learn from, and follow, the teachings and life of Jesus.

We believe that he asked us to make a radical commitment to change our lives from our natural instincts to one where we love each other, no matter what our differences.

He calls us to act out that love in our community, in our world, and in our daily lives.  He shows us that our neighbours are not just the easy ones we like and know well, but whomever we meet.  He said that we will be living in his kingdom as we show care and compassion to even the weakest of our neighbours, and as we work to overcome evil with love.

He calls us to stand alongside the poor and weak, and speak out against injustice at home and around the world.

We know that we find this very difficult, and we need to refresh ourselves by listening again to his call to us, and he taught us that as we forgive others, so we will be forgiven for our own failings.

We know that this love surrounds us and offers us a life of meaning and hope.

Jesus said that he came to bring us life in all its abundance.

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