Christian Aid Sunday : 16 May 2021

Welcome to our worship together this Sunday.

It’s Christian Aid Sunday and as such

Florence Muthiani and her group farming their plot in the village of Kyeng'e.

its a day when we focus on how Christian’s working

together can make a real difference in practical terms to the health and welfare of some of the world’s most challenged communities.

There’s lots to read and video clips to watch at Christian Aid’s website, and I would encourage you to browse that site. Its at

If you scroll down on that page you will be able to watch clips about two of the people I will mention in the service.

Thank you to all of you who have already returned your Christian Aid gift envelope which is in this week’s mailing. It can go in either the church letter box, or Simon’s.

Our Christian Aid Secretary, Christine Gilbert, and her husband Alan, are doing a sponsored walk and here is the form which you could use to support them as well as Christian Aid.

At Christine’s suggestion we are thinking about having a celebration event when we are able to meet again socially and to make it a Christian Aid Summer Tea, at church and in the garden, (if we can). We’ll let you know later.

Thank you Christine for doing all this and keeping Christian Aid in our minds and hearts.

And here are the items from this week’s mailing:

The Sunday Service will be posted here by Sunday morning :

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