Methodist History

Around 1860 house meetings were organised in various homes, until in 1867 the first stones were laid for a Methodist chapel in Deepcar, which was eventually opened in February 1868.

In 1882 the chapel was enlarged, involving the purchase of the neighbouring house, shop and land, and in 1910 the new Wesley Hall Methodist Church was built and opened, to respond to the growing congregations and Sunday school.  Present members remembers the concerts presented in this hall.

Much later, after years of discussion, the decision was taken to unite the two Methodist churches in the valley, West End in Stocksbridge and Wesley in Deepcar, to form Stocksbridge Methodist Church.  This union took place in 1972, using the West End premises during the modernisation of the Wesley building, to which the church moved in 1974.  In 1988 the house, shop and Wesley Hall were sold as the church had no further use for them.

Early in the 21st century discussions took place between the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church to consider uniting as now new church.  United services were held monthly in the two churches, and the new church given the name “Christ Church” came into being in April 2008 in the former United Reformed Church on Manchester Road.

The old Methodist church building in Deepcar was renovated again and converted to flats in 2012 by a builder and can still be seen.

There is a book about the history of Stocksbridge Methodist Church, well illustrated with colour and black and white photos, giving a much more detailed history of Methodism in the valley.  Copies are available from the church at £5 each.  Please email to get a copy.

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