Poetry Corner

From time to time Kevin pens a poem.  We’re putting them here for others to read


Have you been to Christ Church of late ?

Walked up the path through the new Lych Gate ?

Well if you haven’t, come and see,

What we’ve now built for Our Community.

And let me tell you without pretension,

We’re thrilled to bits with our new extension.

But it’s not just there for the lucky few,

You’re welcome there, and your friends too.

And there’s lots of things going on,

We’re not just there for Praise and Song.

We’ve busy little hands, with its Children’s clatter,

And lessons in Art, to paint and natter.

A Luncheon Club to meet and eat,

A Social Cafe, good friends to greet.

And without appearing at all rhetorical,

We’ve even something for all Historical.

And if you want to take a risk,

Come down on Mondays for Bingo and Whist.

And for the ladies, this may well suit,

We’ve even got the Women’s Institute.

And by no means last we mustn’t forget,

Those hardworking people in the Good Days Project.

But at the heart of it all, a sense of sharing,

Christ Church is welcoming, warm and caring.

And of all the things I’ve mentioned above,

Join us for Sunday Service, and see God’s love.