Deepcar St John’s Music

The school had a wonderful day with Ian McMillan and Luke Carver-Goss and his accordian.  In the morning Ian helped them to be madly inventive with a new poem about the Deepcar Eagle, and set it to music invented as they wrote.

The children were weeping with laughter at some of the jokes and word-plays.

Then after lunch Ian drew out of them, very sensitively, a new poem they wrote together about the agony of life in the trenches.  It was very moving.  One boy had brought his grandfather’s medals in, and the poem started there:  “Fred’s medals aare glowing in the sun”.  They set it to music together as they wrote it.  (This is the tune that you can hear playing in the vidoe about the project.)

You can see some of the film of the session in the video:

Thanks to Jane Steward, teacher, for helping to make this workshop happen.

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