Sunday Worship 4th July 2021

Welcome to our Sunday Worship.

We are glad that you continue to appreciate this sharing of our service. It will continue here after we start to hold worship in person at Christ Church from 18th July (subject to change).

This week there is also the letter to everyone explaining how we are managing the return to worship.

Here are the items from this week’s mailing:

The link to the service will appear here by Saturday evening.

This link will take you to the service on Facebook. You do not have to log in to Facebook.

If you continue to have problems, come back here to the Church’s website, and on the HOME page you will see the words “Watch Services”. That is a link to the service also, and you can watch it in Facebook without logging in to Facebook.

If you still have problems, please tell me, Ian, by email or text or whatever.

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