Sunny Service

Hello from Christchurch Stocksbridge on this wonderful sunny Sunday. Ian led a service today that was a little different and  really eye opening for our younger members.

Artist. Steve Lake

We were given a painting by one of our local artists Steve Lake and Ian took this opportunity to not only thank Steve but also to explain the painting to the children. Off came the socks, then shoes          ( and Ian’s) and a good walk around in a tray full of sand and pebbles was enjoyed by all.
Ian then washed the sand off the children’s feet explaining about servanthood and how what they were doing was exactly what the painting portrayed.
What a great way to explain the painting and to remind us of our duties to others.20180506_105643
Sorry about the poor quality of the painting photograph.
Sorting out a few problems and hopefully will soon be able to add an audio copy of our services.












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