Sunday Worship 14th June

Hi there, and welcome to “Christ Church – Together at Home”.

A couple of things before we start.

This week we are having Communion, held over from last week, so please be ready with bread and wine or a drink of some sort.

I got confused in the sermon about the reading of Paul.  I was referring to the reading that we had a few weeks ago, when the Lectionery reading was about Paul in the Court of Areopagaus.  You will remember it was the one where we had the diorama of the people in the town square.  When I am referring to that in the sermon it is Acts 17 vv 22-29.

Here are the papers from this week’s mailing:

Ministers letter 17th June v2

Order of Service – Life and breath for all

Here is the printout of the sermon: 14th June sermondocx

Activity Sheet

Window black and white

Voting paper

And here is the link to the service.

Bless you all.


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