Sunday Worship 17th May

The Spirit beside us.

Here is your link to this Sunday’s service.

First the letter and items in the mailing.

Minister’s letter 17th May v2

Order of Service – The Spirit beside us



Before you watch the service, there is a short update that I hope you will please watch.  It is news about David H, after I had a phone conversation with his son, Andrew.  This came after the worship was recorded, and so could not be included in Joys and Concerns.


Here is the link to the service.


The Sermon was a bit wordy today, perhaps.  If you really want to read it through just let me know and I will post it onto this page for you to download

Indeed some of you have asked for the sermon to read; so here it is:

The Spirit beside us. published

Best wishes


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4 Responses to Sunday Worship 17th May

  1. Sandra Taylor says:

    And live in me amen.
    Another heartfelt service thank you.

  2. dorisstubbs says:

    Hi Ian
    Thank you for this. As you know I have great difficulty in hearing but having the sheet helps me tremendously. Unfortunately, despite your clear enunciation, I am unable to hear much of your ‘Word’ so I would very much welcome being sent the printed copy please. Thank you for all the hard work you and Gwen put into the preparation of the Service. Stay safe and well. Love from Doris and Blu ( Who sits alongside me and watches too. 🕊🌈😷

  3. Michael Brown says:

    Thanks Ian for the service. Over the years I have taken services at Christ Church, Green Moor and Crane Moor, and my wife Kathleen has sometimes accompanied me. I realise that people may not know that Kathleen fell victim to Covid 19 virus and died in April. She came with me to Christ Church when I preached earlier this year. I give thanks for her life and for her courage and faith in Christ at the end. Shalom Michael.

  4. dorisstubbs says:

    Hi Ian
    Thank you and Gwen for the hardwork you must in to preparing these Services for us. As you know I have a big problem with my hearing and, unfortunately my cochlea plant which should have been done on 29th April has been cancelled. With the help of your sheet I was able to join in most of the Service but would very much welcome a copy of your Sermon.
    Stay safe and well, both of you.
    Doris and my boy Blu who watched the Service with me.

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