Lunch Club starts

After so many delays for lunch-club-cooksthe building, finally the Lunch Club opened for business on Thursday 20th October.  We had a trial run the week before, when some of the volunteers cooked and the others were guinea pigs.

We’ve got over 20 volunteers, and feel so blessed with the enthusiasm and the care with which people are approaching the project.

The first week we had about 10 members come, in addition to the volunteers, and we will be gradually increasing the numbers over the coming weeks.  If you have someone you know who is lonely, and would appreciate a chance to share a meal in company each week, please get in touch with Wendy, who will visit and talk it through.  Her contact details are on our Contacts page.

Here are some of the volunteers as they prepare the food in the new kitchen, which we are gradually learning to use.  Wendy Law, from Methodist Homes for the Aged, and Jenny Clarke from Christ Church have done a great job in getting this started.

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