The Meeting Place opens

We’re thrilled that The Meeting Place, our new social cafe project, has opened its doors this week.  We weren’t sure if anyone would come, but five people did, and they were made welcome, joined in , and reportedly want to return.  So that is a great

The picture shows the volunteer team before the cafe opened on Monday.  Also in the picture are a couple of workers from the Housing Department, who have been keen supporters of the project, and whose support we will need going forward.  There were also the local worker from the Adult Social Care Team and the local organizer of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau who came during the session.  Our visitors were very supportive of what we are doing and how we are doing it.

The atmosphere in the hall was warm and friendly, and people mixed freely and openly.  The new facilities, catering, internet and others worked well for us, and the kitchen staff were lovely!

The Meeting Place is intended to be a place where isolated adults living locally, who perhaps need help with some of the issues in their lives, can find a safe space, meet with agencies who can help them, find new friends, and make new connections in the Valley.

The hope is that in a small way it can help them to make stronger connections with the town and its people and in doing so feel more a part of it themselves, and stronger in their own abilities.

The Meeting Place is working by referrals only at the moment, so if you know anyone whom you think would be interested, please speak to the co-ordinator, Sarah, whose contact details are on the “Our Team” page of Church Information on this website.

More details about the background and funding of the social cafe project can be found on the Community Page of this website.

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  1. Doris Stubbs says:

    Congratulations to you all on this great project. I wish you all luck with it. It is a great achievement and a wonderful example of Christianity at work in the community.

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