Set Free to Serve : Sunday 23 January 2022


For those of you who were not able to be with us in person or see the YouTube video of yesterday’s service, here is the sermon.

I should point out that the text is not exactly as I preached it. But it is the basis of the sermon!

Best wishes


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2 Responses to Set Free to Serve : Sunday 23 January 2022

  1. rtminurc20 says:

    Thank you for the sermon text Ian. I love to share in the Sunday service and hear news of the community but sometimes struggle to access it when I cannot watch it live, It usually appears mid week but not always. Shalom to you all. Erica

    • ianlucraft says:

      Thanks Erica
      Glad you find it helpful.
      On YouTube the streamed service sometimes only appears in real time if you click on ‘Live’ or ‘Past Streamed Services’ or uploads.
      If you look around you may find it.
      I have to
      I think it is something to do with our individual local settings.
      It happens for some people and not others. I know this Sunday went out live but I had to search for it on my YouTube when I got home to check it!

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