School Report

The Head Teacher Report on Literacy Project

In his latest school newspaper the Head has written about our Literacy Project.

It’s a lovely piece, and we are so pleased that the school values the contribution of the volunteers from Christ Church.

The newsletter is on the school website at this link:

Its quite a long letter so you need to scroll down several screens before you come to it.

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1 Response to School Report

  1. Erica Beglin says:

    It was great to read about all that Stocksbridge High School is doing, I’m most impressed with the very varied opportunities the pupils have, Also delighted to see the part Christ Church is playing in school life. The IT provision during lockdown was very thoughtful and caring. Simon and Christine’s ‘Produce a play in a day’ was a brilliant use of skills and resources at Christ Church. With so many of the church’s young people taking part in radio productions for services, it would be lovely if it encouraged others to become involved at Christ Church.

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