School produces Radio Play at Christ Church

School readers also had the opportunity on December 14 to visit Christ Church and use their new-found reading confidence to rehearse and record their very own radio play! We are very much looking forward to hearing it and celebrating your creativity and communication skills back in school.

Play in a Day

To try and widen the reading experience, on Tuesday 14 December, our group of 8 pupils visited us at Christ Church to produce ”a play in a day”

The aim of this was to provide a fun day focussed on timing, expression and rhythm of language whilst increasing confidence and teamwork, all important elements in developing future workplace and presentation skills.

It also gave an insight into how a radio play is produced whilst removing the pressure of learning lines.

The children were cast as characters in the play, rehearsed and then were filmed performing the production. The film produced was passed on to school.

All involved had a great day and our pizza lunch was the icing on the cake!

The picure shows Christine and Simon Utting producing the play, with some of the students

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1 Response to School produces Radio Play at Christ Church

  1. rtminurc20 says:

    Well done Simon and Christine, brilliant use of your skills and Christ Church resources.

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