New Garden at Church!

The Meeting Place at Christ Church has completed a wonderful landscaping scheme at Christ Church.

They saw the unused and overgrown space at the rear end of church, and the pathway alongside the church hall, and realized that it could be made into a new space for relaxation, wildlife and as a beautiful new space alongside the road.

With the help of David Thomas, one of the volunteers at The Meeting Place, they found grant money to pay for it, and did a lot of the work themselves.

Some of the plants have been given by church members.

It will provide a seating area, and play space for the children’s activity, and a place for tea and scones when the weather is nice.

The Junior Church children have already begun planting in the raised beds that David has constructed.

Here are a some pictures.

And here is a .pdf document with more pictures, produced by Rachel Proctor, the Co-ordinator of The Meeting Place.

Thank you to every one who contributed in any way.

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