Sunday Worship : 18 July 2021

Good morning each!

This week we are starting our worship in person, and so we will not be able to post a pre-recording of the service on here beforehand.

You will only be able to get a seat inside if you have already reserved one by ringing Mike and Jenny as was requested in the letter two weeks ago.


When the service starts in church we will start a live-stream to the Church’s new YouTube channel. You do NOT need to have a Youtube account. Just click on the link near the bottom of this page and it will take you directly to the new Christ Church YouTube Channel.

The first thing you will see there are a few of our previous services. You can click on them at any time to watch those.

If you have a tab”VIDEOS” click on that to see all the videos.

We hope that a few moments after the service starts that a new video will start loading. It is called a “Livestream”. The theory is that if you click on that you can watch it live at the same time as we are in church. You can join it at any time.

We have tested this system and we hope it works OK for you. But this is the first time that we done it for real, so we fully expect that there may be some initial issues. But we will gradually get them fixed, especially if you email me back later with any reports of how it went for you, please.


One issue is that your computers may present the page to you differently, and you may have to click on a link called “Livestream”, or “Other videos” to find the livestream. BUt you can’t do any harm if you hunt round. And if you get stuck, come back to this page and click the link to the new Christ Church YouTube channel to try again.

Whatever happens, we will be recording the service at the same time, and within a few minutes of the service ending we will convert the recording and load it up to YouTube and Facebook and put links here on the Christ Church website for you to use as usual.

If you are used to weatching at 10.45, and it doesn’t work in the new way for you, you will be able still to reach it after about midday in the usual way we have been doing it until now.

Here are the papers from this week’s mailing:

Link to Sunday 18th July service on Facebook

The first few minutes are missing!

Christ Church YouTube channel link

The first few minutes are missing!

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