Sunday 13 December : Advent 3



Access is a bit different today.

If you click on the link below it will take you to the service.

But it may seem to start straightaway in a video clip of Jenny from Shiregreen, talking to camera about John the Baptist. This is the correct video.

You will have to click the slider to go to the start of the video, and then it should start…..with a picture of me and a long pause!

You may have to click the sound on in the bottom right corner as before and the full screen option.

Hopefully it will then continue for you.

If you access it through Facebook directly, when you get to the Christ Church Facebook page you will probably need to click on the link for “Videos” and you will find it there. You may have the same issue to start the video from the start.

I hope you will find a better quality picture and a better quality sound with some new equipment, though we have not yet synchronized the camera and the microphone; that’s next week’s fun.

Weekly mailing items

Here is the service:

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