Sunday Worship 20 September

Welcome to worship on-line: It will be posted here at 12.00– after the live service is concluded.

Christ Church, Together at home, with Crane Moor and Green Moor.

The leader for the worship this Sunday is Dr John Cornell.

Here are the mailing items:

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5 Responses to Sunday Worship 20 September

  1. gloria harley says:

    Sorry cant get this .I do not understand why.

  2. Ethel Firth says:

    I can’t get this either Hope it will play it later

  3. dorisstubbs says:

    I can’t get on and have not received zoom link.

  4. ianlucraft says:

    It will be posted at 12.00 noon after the live service recording is finished.

  5. gloria harley says:

    Thanks Ian did get service later. Thanks John Jenny Mike and Gwen enjoyed so much .God bless David a true gentleman and love to Amy and David thinking about you both xx

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