Sunday Worship 30th August

Welcome to “Christ Church Together at Home” with Crane Moor and Green Moor Methodist Churches.

The theme for this week’s service is Take Up Your Cross.

Here are this week’s papers:

Service Sheet


Activity Sheet

Here is this week’s service:

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2 Responses to Sunday Worship 30th August

  1. Doris Stubbs says:

    Thank you.Had to smile at last line in v2 of first Hymn. The last hymn also made me smile as I remember Elsie Steele and a couple of others from our Green Moor Congregation singing this to me over the phone the night before I went on my first trip to Bosnia soon after the war finished. It was the first time I’d ever heard it. Thank you to all involved in these Sunday Services. I do enjoy them. Doris Stubbs🕊🌈🐶😷🙏🏿

  2. gloria harley says:

    Thank you Simon Christine? Mike and Jenny. Enjoyed .Keep safe

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