Lunch Club Christmas Dinner

Wendy and the teamIMG_2562 organized a great Christmas Dinner;  turkey with all the trimmings, and we mean all!  There were activities, a singer and lots of fun.

We’ve got photos of every table of members but here are a few of the more general shots.

First up is a picture of Wendy with some of the volunteers, looking very cheerful already!


Fighting off all comers for a seat on Santa’s knee was crucial!

Some of the staff from a local residential home came to help lay out the tables, and sing a song as they left!

Colin and Jenny and Mike ran the cooking and the washing up with help from others.  And the hall was full for the meal, with over 60 people eating together.  Thank you to everyone.




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1 Response to Lunch Club Christmas Dinner

  1. Doris Stubbs says:

    What a joyful occasion it looks to be. Well done all.

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