New Lunch Club Co-ordinator

Wendy Law

We’re delighted to welcome to our team Wendy Law, as the new Lunch Club Co-ordinator.

Wendy is a local Stocksbridge woman, who is thrilled to be taking up this opportunity to lead a team of committed volunteers to develop and run our new lunch club.

Her part-time post has been made possible by an inspiring commitment from Methodist Homes for the Aged, (MHA), who have a “Living at Home” scheme.  This scheme supports and runs local initiatives to help people to continue to live in their own homes.  So it was a natural partnership to create between MHA and Christ Church.

You can find out more about MHA on their website at

We are now in the throes of detailed planning for the lunch club.  Its commencement date is delayed because of the building delays, and now it looks as if we will be lucky to get it started in July.  But we are working hard to make that possible.

Wendy is making good use of the time getting to know people, undertaking MHA training, and sharing in the planning.

If you want to talk to Wendy about the lunch club, her work number is 07399 268622,

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