Sunday Worship 10th April 2022

Our Palm Sunday worship this week will, unfortunately, not be able to be streamed to our Youtube channel due to technical reasons. However, if you are looking on this site for the details of our service, please find a copy of the service sheet, sermon and children’s activity sheet.

We will be meeting as a church family in church, starting at 10.045 am, and if you can, you will be most welcome to join us. We will be having a “palm cross” making session – which may or may not work ! You may like to follow the link below, by copying it and pasting it into your browser, to see how this can be done. It is possible to do it out of a strip of paper rather than a palm, if you don’t have one immediately to hand ! Good luck and God Bless and have an enjoyable day as you prepare for Holy Week and the journey to Jerusalem towards Easter Day next Sunday.

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