A New Woodland

We’re pleased to let you all know that we have this week submitted a proposal to the government, to create an “Urban Woodland” using the wasteland between our site and the steelworks. Here is an aerial picture of what is planned:

The yellow line shows the new wheelchair accessible path, with an entrance from the front of the community hall and another entrance from the car park. It leads down to a seating area and a decking area for activities for children and other users.

The project will cost around £50,000 to deliver, with the terracing for the pathway, tree work, clearance and other works. We are asking the government for £36,000 towards it and we have already got, or are in the process of getting grants of £15,000. Lots of volunteer time is included, and lots of local groups and the Town Council are collaborating with us it delivering the project.

It abuts the planned new urban improvements for the town under the Town Deal, but is completely independent of that scheme.

Steel Valley Project will do the main works for us, and other groups will contribute some parts of it.

Let’s hope the consortium of groups that has planned it get the go-ahead.

We already know there will be lots of users!

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