Greetings to Christ Church

Joanna Harlock, Simon Utting’s sister, has sent a message to everyone at Christ Church, thanking us for the online services.

I though you might not see it down in the ‘Comments’ on the Home page, so I created this post to make it more visible to everyone.

Thank you Joanna

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Joanna Harlock says: January 20, 2021 at 6:32 pm(Edit)

Dear All,

The pleasure of on line services is that I don’t have to get up on Sunday mornings, being generally a tardy riser, especially at weekends, and we can enjoy them at any time of day which is convenient to us!

All that aside and to be serious, I would like to thank you all for bringing worship into our homes. It has been such a comfort and an uplifting experience during difficult Covid times.

I was moved to write this after Simon’s service on January 10th. The lovely pictorial scenes of sunrises across the globe was a real treat coupled with wonderful well known hymns beautifully sung, made it a delightful experience for me.

However. I really want to thank everyone from Christchurch who has made these online services possible. Obviously special heartfelt thanks go to Ian and Gwen particularly.

I always enjoy Ian’s sermons / address which often stimulates thought provoking topics delivered in such an empathetic and compassionate way. He demonstrates a very special gift in the way that he preaches. Thank you Ian.

For me, all the Christmas services were so appreciated culminating in the Christmas Day service from Ian and Gwen’s home. It was so poignant and very special in this year when many of us were separated from our children and grandchildren for the first time ever.

May I also thank so many others that I know have given so much of their time to bring Sunday services to us, not only conducting and participating in services, but also all the technical support and online production.
Thank you everyone

Joanna Harlock

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