Watch-night Service

Hello and welcome to our Watch-night service.

Here is the link to the service sheet that went out in the mailing. There are links for you to download it in either Word or .pdf, which-ever suits your computer best. Then you can print out the service sheet at home.

And here is the link to the sermon, again in both formats, in case you want to have a copy to read. It’s more of a three-part mediation for this service. Please remember that the printed version is usually not exactly the same as the spoken version!

And here is the link to the service itself. It will open here as a video from Facebook, but you do not need Facebook to watch our service.

The service is being posted during the day on 31st December, so that you can join the service at whatever time of the day suits your personal needs, and it will stay here for you to access tomorrow or any other time you want.

I wish you a More-Happy New Year from myself and all the members and friends at Christ Church. Bless you.

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