Carols by Candlelight : Sunday 20 December

Welcome to our Carols by Candlelight.

I’m still trying to upload it at 1500 hrs Sunday, and it is not perfect.

The good news is that with improved equipment we have better sound and vision, its just the editing and upload that is continuing to cause problems.

If it is loaded in time, you will find that it has three spots where the picture goes blank. This is because I replaced poor quiet sound clips with better sound, but lost the video. I thought it was better to go with the good sound.

We have also overcome a camera fault which caused two separate clips.

Also we are not sure if it will go on both Facebook and the Church Website, but we hope it will.


I really hope I can get it loaded in time.

Best wishes


Midnight Communion and the Watchnight services will use a simpler format which we hope will be less intrusive and more calm. (For all concerned!)

Here is the service sheet in both Word and .pdf formats:

Here is the the service:

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