Together at Home Sunday 19th April

Welcome to worship this Sunday.  We plan to start together at 10.45, but if you have to join us at another time you can.

Late News and Update Please read before the service.

Hi there, just a few late news items since the Sunday worship was recorded, and a few errors corrected!

  • Jenny Utting has sent me a special message asking that I pass on to you at this service her heartfelt thanks to all the people who ave made caps for her and the members of the team she is in. They have all appreciated them greatly and are impressed with the love and support Jenny is evidently getting from back home.
  • David Hurrell moved to Chapel Lodge on Friday, not Sunday. It was the day I recorded the service and I got confused.
  • News of Jan’s friend in the Methodist Homes in Rotherham came too late for my recording. But we do include him in our thought and prayers, Jan.
  • During the sermon I picked out one newspaper for specific criticism, because of a news report a week or so ago. I know that there are lots of papers, but it shows how the media are not always as objective as we would like them to be.
  • Gwen and I received a lovely bunch of flowers today from the church family; we are very touched, and we will stay in contact with you this week. Next Sunday its Simon, not me as I said at the end of the service, and I’ll be back online on Monday week.

There are the three pieces of paper that you need, if you are watching from afar.  (If you are part of the church and have not received your letter, please let your pastoral contact know and we will check your address in the mailing list.)

Joint letter Low Sunday

Order of Service Low Sunday]

Activity Sheet

Here is the link to the service:


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2 Responses to Together at Home Sunday 19th April

  1. gloria harley says:

    Thank you Ian Enjoyed xx Love Gloria xx

    • ianlucraft says:

      Dear Gloria
      How lovely to hear from you.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the service.
      I would have phoned you this morning to say thank you to you, but I don’t have your phone number.
      Mine is 07428 744 014.
      If you want to text your phone number to me I’d like to say hello personally!!!!
      (Don’t put your number on here!)
      Best wishes

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