Worship 29th March 2020

Click on the link for this weeks online worship.

You might want to have a candle to light on the table to light with Ian.

Please note that while this video was done ‘live’ it was actually recorded a day ago, and so the joys and concerns and the prayers are not up to date.

If you click on this link , you will be joining with many others.


And here are four photos of the children’s (?) artwork during the service.  Freya, Imogen, Mollie and Carole.  Thank you.


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1 Response to Worship 29th March 2020

  1. Roger Jarvis says:

    Does any one understand this technical problem?
    If I use my laptop to log on to Christchurch home page to watch the services (Mar 23 & 29) the second – ‘bypass Facebook’ – link works as it should, bur the first, while giving me Facebook options to login or create an account, still allows me to watch either video without doing so.
    BUT if I log on to the internet browser on my smart TV both the links take (or redirect) me to the same Facebook login page which I can’t bypass.
    The TV browser is annoying in that it has no ‘back’ facility, so the only way to leave the page uncompleted is to exit the app and start again. However, my laptop’s sound quality is poor, and the music is painful to endure!
    The only solution I can think of is to attach external speakers to the laptop, but I would prefer to be able to solve the link problem on the TV. Does this problem make sense to anyone?

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