New WhatsApp Group

As the next stage in our “Christ Church together at home” actions, I have started a new WhatsApp Group called ‘Christ Church Congregation’.

The aim is to enable any of the Christ Church flock to be able to share news or comments.  It will only be available to people who email or text or phone me to ask if they can be included.

You can be on WhatsApp either on an Apple or Android phone.  Go to your App Store and search for What’s App.

The first use of this will be on Sunday.  I decided last week that I want to start sending out an activity sheet for children to do as part of the “Christ Church together at home” broadcast.

The activity sheet will go out in the new weekly mailing to everyone on the list, so you have it to use on Sunday, or whenever you join us in the worship video.  I will ask the children if they will do it during the broadcast.   Then ask their parents to take a picture after the video has ended and share it with everyone on WhatsApp.  Then we can all see them.  I will also be able to post them on this church website and on the church Facebook.

Lets see how it goes.

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