Wow! What a Messy Church!

We were blown away and Lily and Collectiondeeply moved by the response to our first Messy Church.  We had to bring in more tables and chairs to cope with the families and friends who joined us last Sunday.

We put the children at the heart of a ‘whole church’ experience, and they responded magnificently.  Stella read the Bible reading.  Lily-Rose collected the offertings that the other children had each collected on their own tables.  They all showed us oldies how to make banners with glue and leaves.  And the older ones seemed to compete for the quickest and best corn dollie!

Food Mountian.jpgAt the heart of it was our worship, our thankfulness for the harvest, and the collection of a mountain of food in the middle of church for the Stocksbridge Food Bank.

Then the lunch together.

Can’t wait for the next Messy Church in February.  What will we do then?

In the meantime of course there will be a children’s nativity in December, and always there is Sunday School.

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