Remembrance Day Services

Loved today’s two services. Thank you Rev Hilda Isaacson for leading the first service. We had an absolutely jam packed, standing room only Royal British Legion service. Music by the Deepcar Brass Band, what a difference singing hymns to live music. Then a longish march in the rain to the British Legion service at our memorial clock tower in here in Stocksbridge. Police cars and a fire engine as escorts. Amazing to see some of the really young ones marching proudly whilst mastering the art of flag and banner bearing. Wow !!

Our minister Rev Ian Lucraft led our second service. Very moving. We had 10 clear perspex cutouts representing people from our local area who had died in the conflicts. Each cutout occupied a seat throughout the church ( there but not there ) A name from our roll of honour with a large poppy was placed on each seat with a cutout on. One family had even brought letters and momentos and put them in front of the seat which carried their loved ones name. Many tissues were used in today’s services.  Thank you to our two Reverends Hilda and Ian.

As always please relax, click on the links and join us belatedly. I hope you enjoy the services. There are a few quiet bits as flags were paraded and when Ian took the children to the Roll of Honour and explained what it was for. The top link is the second service ( Ian ) and the lower link is the first service ( Hilda )

Love and peace

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