Inspiration from the President

President etcWell, the President certainly inspired us on Sunday.

Rev Steven Wild spoke of going out to meet people where they are.  He called us to take the love that we have through the gospel of Jesus, and share it with everyone around.  It doesn’t matter whether they are believers or doubters, young or old, healthy or distressed, it is the great commission of Jesus to go out to everyone and share his love in word and deed.

The choir sang beautifully, (thank you Frank).  The little children were wonderful responding through a Lego model of the church to the old question, “what is the church?”  They knew it is the people!  And we sang some moving and thoughtful hymns which reflect our life of faith and our journey through the changing times of our lives and our church.

Perhaps the most moving was singing “Let us build a church where love can dwell”.  Truly the theme of our church-building year.

His infectious enthusiasm and love and prayerful concern were all immensely supportive.

We were also honored to have the presence of the Chair of the Sheffield Methodist District, Rev Gill Newton, seen here with Steven and our minister, Rev Ian Lucraft.

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