Lunch Club gets support from MHA

The Methodist Homes for the Aged, as well as running wonderful residential homes for older people, also runs a number of schemes across the country called “Living at home”.  The aim is to provide services and activities in the community, usually linked through a local church, which will help people to lead active and supported lives and stay intheir own homes.

So we are enormously encouraged that the MHA has now agreed that it will support Christ Church with a new two day a week worker, who will be the co-ordinator of the new lunch club that we are planning.

This person, who will be appointed later this year, will lead a team of local volunteers, and will take the strain off the volunteers of running the lunch club.  We will still need a band of volunteers for all the tasks that the lunch club needs to have done, but it is wonderful to know that there will be this paid support.

There is a bit more about the new lunch club in the ‘Community’ section of this website.

Here is a link to the MHA website about their community activities:

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