Church approves plans

The Church Meeting on Sunday approved the plans and the choice of builder for the new hall and link.  The builder is Restoration of Glossop, and you can see some examples of their work on their website at stocks sketch

The building is going to cost us about £468,000, and so far we have raised about £454,000.  We are confident that we will be able to raise the remaining money over the next six months or so.

We hope the building will start in September 2014, and will be finished within about 6 months.

Then we can start to make use of up-to-date and flexible facilities for the wider life of our church and its life in the community.

We are grateful to all the donors who have made grants, and to the people of our church who have raised such an enormous sum between them.  Now we have to make sure that the money is put to good use and that it will be worthwile in the building of the Kingdom here in Stocksbridge.



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