Novel Success

The first buyer; before it got very busy.

The first buyer; before it got very busy.

We aimed to raise £300 at our first book fair.  We actually raised over £1100.  What a phenomenal success.  The cafe was a roaring success; you couldn’t get a seat most of the day.  People worked so hard on sorting the books and helping visitors around.  The dealer came and cleared it all in one go.  Dorothy said “Even if hadn’t been a financial success, which it was, it was a great social success.”  And she was quite right.  Over 200 people from the town and around came in during the day.  Thanks to Green’s the greengrocers, for all the fruit boxes.  Brilliant!

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1 Response to Novel Success

  1. Doris Stubbs says:

    Well done all.It was great to browse such a well organised book sale. Books in categories and authors sorted into groups and alphabetical order. Thank you

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