Stocksbridge Junior School Visit

Three year three (Y3) classes from Stocksbridge Junior School recently visited Christ Church Stocksbridge, as part of their curriculum, exploring different faiths. Each class came with their own teacher and teaching assistant, and the three sessions were organised by Natalie Mosley, one of the teachers.Stocksbridge School visit

After a short introduction to the story of Jesus, and the life of a church, the children all took part in a quiz.  They searched around the church for clues to the questions on their clipboards, talking with adults who were helping, and asking questions.  They had a detailed exploration of the stained glass window, because they are going to draw that as an art project back at school.

The highlight of the visit was to stand in the choir stalls, and hear how the different sounds are made by the organ, played with gusto by Mark,  and then to sing a favourite song with the organ playing loudly and shaking the floor with vibrations.

This was the last public event for the organ, which has now been de-commissioned and sold for re-building into a church in Poland where it will have a new life.  It was too expensive to repair here in England, and so the church has ordered a new concert-quality electronic organ, like one in Sheffield Cathedral, to replace it in the next three months.

Then there was squash and biscuits before the walk back to the school.

We hope to have more photos once the school has approved them.

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