Stocksbridge Food Bank

food bank0001Ray and Ronnie from our church are among the keen volunteers who have set up the new food bank at the Hub.  People from a wide range of churches and schools and community groups have supported this initiative.

(Sorry about the quality of the picture; it’s a copy from Look Local!.  If we can get a better version we will change it)

It will provide a vital safety net facility to families and individuals who have fallen through the benefit system and are completely without any other support.  It will help them over a short period of time while they get on their feet, or get their benefits sorted out.

We are thrilled that we can work together with the Hub on this worthwhile project.

There is a food tub in the church lobby every week to accept donations.  John Cornell has done a bookmark which explains what is required, and thesea are in the leaflet racks.

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2 Responses to Stocksbridge Food Bank

  1. Lesley Mower says:

    Hi, what do you need? I’m putting together a hamper in lieu of Christmas cards and need some ideas, please? Thank you, Lesley x

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